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Maestro now available for MQB 2.0T models

Maestro tuning suite is now available for most of the popular MK7 GTI, Golf R, Audi S3 and A3 ecu codes now.

This includes user adjustable launch control and no-lift shift for the North American models.

We also include stage 1.5, stage 2, IS38 and Boss500 base files for the North American codes.

The Boss500 base files include support for port injection (MPI) as well. These files can be used as a base to tune for any larger aftermarket turbocharger.

This is the same file that allowed our Audi S3 to run a 10.97 quarter mile at almost 129 mph, and Sam’s Audi A3 2.0T to run 10.9 at over 129mph.

Stay tuned for more great results from Maestro users on this platform.