Product FAQ

It is now possible to add licenses for additional vehicles to your Eurodyne flash cable.

Here are the steps in involved;

First you will need enough credits for the flash.
VW and Audi vehicles require 8 credits for a Maestro license.

See the entry in the FAQ “Purchasing credits” if you need to purchase credits.

You need an internet connection to purchase the credits, and to license a new vehicle.

Prepare the base file you plan to flash to the vehicle by opening the Maestro editor, then selecting and opening the base file you want to use under the file menu.

You will need to be connected to the internet to do this, as the base files are downloaded from the Eurodyne server.

Save this base file to your computer.

Next, open Eurodyne flash, and click on “start here” then “Flash and license my ecu for use with Maestro.”

You will be asked to confirm you want to use the credits to license the new vehicle.

Click yes, then select the base file you saved earlier.

You may get a message asking if you want to bypass the immobilizer. This is for ME7 ecu’s only, and is only neccessary if you are using an ecu from another vehicle, and the immobiliser is active.
In any other case, click “no”
the flash should complete in less than 10 minutes, and the vehicle will be licensed from that point on, and can be flashed any number of times after this.



If you have problems running any of the Eurodyne PC software with windows 8, here are 2 things you can check;

You will need to enable the .NET framework, as this is not enabled by default on all versions of windows 8 and 10.

Also, in some cases you may need to run the software in compatibility mode.

The compatibility mode that has worked for 100% of cases to date is “compatibility mode for windows XP service pack 3”

Right click on the program icon, and in the drop down menu that appears,  click on “properties”

Click on the compatibility tab, check the “Run this program in compatibility mode for:”  box, and select “windows XP service pack 3” from the drop down.

Finally, click “Apply” at the bottom right.


You can purchase credits through the Eurodyne flash program, under the “credits” menu.

You can also purchase them directly from this link, (you will need to enter your cable number manually in this case);

(copy and paste into your browser)

In either case, make sure you click the “return to Eurodyne website” link after paying for the credits if your browser does not do it automatically.

You can get your cable number by clicking “get cable ID” under the flash cable menu in the Eurodyne flash software.

The cable must be plugged into the PC while doing this.


The 2-Step feature of
Maestro is now available for the following engine codes/models
AWP-AWW (2001-2005 golf jetta 1.8T)

AMB (2003-2005 Audi A4 1.8T)

AWM(2001 Audi A4 1.8T)

APB (2000 to 2005) 2.7T

Disclaimer – The 2-step launch control system should
only be used with a complete understanding of how it functions and the
potential hazards of use.

The 2-step launch control works by cutting ignition momentarily and allowing
the injectors to continue injecting fuel. The unburned fuel will ignite in the
manifold and exhaust system allowing the turbo to build pressure while the
vehicle is stationary. The extreme temperatures from this can overheat and
damage components of your exhaust system (turbo, catalytic converter etc…) if
used for too long. For this reason we recommend that the 2- Step only be used
in off-road vehicle applications.

Activating the 2 Step and no Lift Shift features requires that you first
activate this feature using Maestro 7 and the following procedure.

Step 1.Plug in your Powertap interface and launch the Maestro 7 software
program – update if you are instructed to do so

Step 2.Using the file menu open your current tune file

Step 3.Select the 2 step and no lift shift feature (towards the bottom
of the menu choices) this will open a feature selection screen

Step 4.Select 2 step and no lift active and save the file to a new name

Once 2 step has been set to active you must flash the new file to the car and then enter the desired operating parameters.

Step 1.Open Eurodyne Flash client and select flash ECU and select the file saved in the operation above
Step 2. Once the file has been successfully written to your ECU select the “Read Settings” option found in the Diagnostics drop down menu
Step 3. Select the 2 step and switching option tab
Step 4. Set the “Speed” option – this will establish the road speed in KPH for 2 step deactivation – a setting of 2 will cause the 2 step to be active below 2 KPH and limit RPM to the level set in the RPM limit box (see next step). A setting of 0 turns 2 step off
Step 5. Set “RPM limit” this establishes is maximum engine speed with 2 step active (vehicle speed below threshold set above)
Step 6. Enter desired “No lift shift” value (allows driver to upshift with the accelerator pedal fully depressed by deactivating the ignition circuit to limit RPM for the time delay entered in milliseconds – once time delay has expired normal engine operation will resume)
Step 7. Slect the write seting button to save the values you have entered