Licensing a new vehicle for use with Maestro

You MUST read and understand all the instructions for your model before proceeding.
If you do not understand one of the steps, e-mail and we will explain that step.
This FAQ entry will outline the process of licensing a new vehicle for use with the Maestro tuning suite. Maestro is a software package that allows end users or tuners to access and edit relevant maps and other settings in the ECU.
First you will need enough credits to perform the flash. VW and Audi vehicles require 8 credits for a Maestro license. A new Maestro cable will ship with the 8 required credits. If you already have Eurodyne software on your ecu, the Maestro license may require less credits depending on the model. You can check to see how many credits are required using the software. Once a vehicle is licensed, you will be able to flash it as often as required at no extra cost. You can purchase credits through the Eurodyne website, or through the flash program itself. You will need your cable number to purchase credits, and you will need to be connected to the internet. You can get your cable number using the Eurodyne flash software (it is an option under the flash cable menu) you need to have the cable plugged into the PC to get the cable number (it does not need to be plugged into the vehicle to get the cable number.)
******Procedure for 1999 – 2005 models******:
*******DO NOT FLASH YOUR ECU FROM THE SERVER, you must use the Maestro base files available in the Maestro editor only on these ecu’s ********
The first step on these models is to read your ecu and send us the read. This will ensure you use the correct base file for your ecu type, and validate the communications on the vehicle. To do this, click “Start here” the “Read my ecu”. Once the read completes, e-mail us the read file, it should save to the c:\Eurodyne folder on your PC. If you have trouble reading the ecu, try a lower communication speed, you can set this under the flash options and com speed menu. Wait to hear back from us after we verify the read.
Prepare the base file you plan to flash to the vehicle by opening the Maestro editor, then selecting and opening the base file you want to use under the file menu.
You will need to be connected to the internet to do this, as the base files are downloaded from the Eurodyne server.
Save this base file to your computer.
Next, open Eurodyne flash, and click on “start here” then “License new vehicle for use with Maestro.”
You will be asked to confirm you want to use the credits to license the new vehicle.
Click yes, then select the base file you saved earlier.
You may get a message asking if you want to bypass the immobilizer. This is for ME7 ecu’s only, and is only neccessary if you are using an ecu from another vehicle, and the immobiliser is active.
In any other case, click “no”
the flash should complete in less than 10 minutes, and the vehicle will be licensed from that point on, and can be flashed any number of times after this.
******Procedure for newer cars (2006 +)******:
Below is a general outline based on year model and ecu type. If you are not sure about something, do not “try” anything to see if it works, or experiment. This is a good way to end up with a non functional ecu. Contact and we will assist by e-mail.
On the newer cars we have changed our system for several reasons, and now the Eurodyne flash software is used to display and download Maestro base files.
The first step is to license your vehicle and VIN. Once you have done this, you will be able to flash the ecu as many times as neccessary with any of the available files. You will need an internet connection for this procedure. Connect the cable to the car and PC, and then click “Start here” and then “License new vehicle for use with Maestro.” The software will license your ecu and VIN for use with Maestro.
On cars with MED17 and Simos ecu’s, the next step is to “unlock” the ecu for port flashing with Maestro files. This is accomplished by loading Stage 1 or 2 software from the server. The software should prompt you to do this. If in doubt, contact and we will confirm.
After this, you can click “Check available Maestro files” to see which Maestro files are available for your particular vehicle. You can then download and save the file to you PC for editing and uploading to your ecu. To edit the file, download the Maestro editor software from the Eurodyne website and open the file you had saved earlier in the editor.
For users with MED17 or Simos ecu’s, if you ever flash your ecu back to stock, you will need to unlock the ecu by flashing the stage 1 or 2 file file from the server before loading a Maestro base file, or you will have a no-start condition.
** We are unable to provide remote tuning, tuning advice, or review datalogs. If you need help with this, you should contact a tuner or tuning shop and work with them.**
If you have trouble directly related to flashing, licensing or reading an ecu, contact and we will assist by e-mail.
Business hours are 8-5 Monday to Friday, Eastern time.


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