Maestro tuning suite for RS3/TTRS


Product Description

For tuners and enthusiasts looking to recalibrate their vehicles for modified hardware.

Includes datalogging functions, a map editor and the Eurodyne reflash interface.

Available base files:

  • Stage 1 (for stock hardware)
  • Stage 2 (for downpipe and intercooler upgrade)
  • E70 (for use with E70 fuel)

Our in house test car (2018 RS3) ran a 10.6 @ 132 mph 1/4 mile on an unprepared surface using the off the shelf E70 file included.

Customers have gone as quick as 10.4 on the same file. We also reset the flash counter on this model.


At the moment the RS3 and TTRS box codes for North American models are supported.

email to confim your box code is supported if it is not one of these models.