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USP Motorsports MK4 Jetta makes 601whp!!!

The following was posted by Chris Green of USP Motorsport on the Vortex Forum

Some of you may know, we went out to FixxFest 8 and ran a few of our cars. One of which being Nick’s MK4 Jetta GLI. It went out on the same setup as last year with Scat Rods, 1.9L JE pistons , still using the small port AWP Head (not ported), and Ferrera valves. The only change being the Integrated Engineering Race cams. The car is tuned by Chris Green using Eurodyne Maestro, and running the USP Motorsports E85 fuel conversion. The car, for now, is still running with the stock O2m transmission with peloquin diff, and southbend single disc clutch.

The car was just tuned last week with the new IE cams installed. The car was dyno’d on only 30 psi (Running 2 psi LESS than last year) and made 601 whp with the new cam setup. The car is capable of making more power, but we were confident 600whp was enough to reach our goal of breaking into the 10 second barrier.

The car made 10+ passes over the course of the event without a single issue, and ran consistently in the bottom 11’s. The best pass was a 10.89 @ 134.18, making it the quickest MK4 Jetta to date. It’s highest trap speed was 135.13.

Key Points:

— 24.5″ slicks on 15″ wheels

— Weight of the car with driver was 3040 pounds

— Car was ran with no skinnies in the rear (just regular 18″ stock wheels) and a FULL tank of E85

— Pretty hot day 80 degrees +

— Car made 10+ passes all day with no issues.

— Big thanks to Chris Tapp and Eurodyne for all the help and support!

Power levels at the time of the run

Power levels IE cams vs. stock cams

Time Slip

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