Stage 1 – Maestro Tuning Suite – BEL


For shops and enthusiasts looking to recalibrate their vehicles for modified hardware. Included is a powerful high-speed datalogging function, map tracing graphing a map editor and the Eurodyne reflash interface.

Available Stages:

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3


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While there are many suppliers offering reflashing services, the Maestro Tuning Suite® is the first to offer users the ability to flash and reflash their stock engine controller with a file selected from Eurodyne’s extensive file library via the on-board diagnostic connector.  This is made possible by the Powertap® interface and the included software provided as a component of the Maestro Tuning Suite®
Your purchase of the Maestro Tuning Suite includes the following

  1. Powertap® interface
  1. Maestro® Software Suite consisting of the following 3 elements
  • Eurodyne® Flash

  • Maestro® logging software

  • Maestro® Editor

And to get you started:

  • Unlimited no charge access to Eurodyne base file library at the tuning level of your choice

    • Stage 1

    • Stage 2

    • Stage 3

The Powertap® interface – an intelligent high speed interface device powered by a 16bit micro controller that includes dedicated hardware for both CAN bus and K-line protocols. Constructed of high quality components, the interface is capable of receiving automatic upgrades via the Eurodyne web site.

Maestro® Software Suite consists of 3 individual applications that when combined allow the user to adjust critical engine control parameters to optimize horsepower and torque output.

  • Eurodyne Flash
  • Maestro Editor
  • Log Viewer

Eurodyne Flash this software application provides the interface that allows the user to:

  • flash and reflash the ECU
  • retrieve and clear fault codes
  • view measuring blocks
  • start logging function
  • launch quick tune (some applications)
  • activate 2 step (some applications)
  • turn emission diagnostics on and off (to be used for off road applications)
  • read ECU identification information
  • initiates Powertap Firmware updates for ongoing firmware upgrades as features are added

Maesto Editor allows user to manipulate data logs captured using Eurodyne Flash. This software application allows access to all relevant maps, scalars and switches inside the ECU binary. Editing wizards are included to speed the implementation of map adjustments. Once editing is complete tuned file can be saved under a new name the uploaded to your engine controller. Should you wish to revert to the original file provide with your Maestro purchase it can be reloaded at any time. You will find some of the features and and powerful tuning tools included in the Maestro editor listed below.

  • import data logs and view correction values
  • instantly apply average or most recent correction values stored in data log histograms to multiple cells (units equipped with wideband feedback control)
  • math functions that allow user to modify multiple cells uniformly using % increase or decrease, add and subtract functions.
  • injector wizard capable of modifying appropriate maps when injectors are resized
  • view histograms to pinpoint cells used during a specific engine sequence

The Maestro solution provides tuning flexibility that has only been available from stand alone units while maintaining the important advantages only possible with stock controller.

  • stores diagnostic codes
  • allows code retrieval
  • allows code clearing
  • allows adaptive strategies
  • maintain communicates with other body and drive line computers
  • maintains anti-theft systems
  • allows switching of emission system components for off road uses
  • safeguards engine through knock control

Maestro Tuning Suite® it is the only tuning tool you’ll ever need to get the best possible performance from your VW, Audi or Porsche vehicle.

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 36 × 23 × 5 cm