Maestro Tuning Suite for 1.8T


For shops and enthusiasts looking to recalibrate their vehicles for modified hardware. Included is a powerful high-speed datalogging function, map tracing graphing a map editor and the Eurodyne reflash interface.



Maestro tuning suite is a hardware and software package that allows users to:

Flash your vehicle an unlimited number of times with any of the supplied base files (stage 1,  2,  3, or custom tuned versions of these ),

Tune your vehicle using the supplied editor software,


enable/disable fault codes (off road use only)

Datalog the ecu parameters, alter speed limiters, rev limiters, boost limiters, torque limiters, rescale for larger injectors, alter timing maps,

Run diagnostics (check and clear fault codes etc..), and read ecu measuring blocks.


Included is the Eurodyne powertap multi-protocol flash interface.

This is a purpose built, proprietary piece of hardware with on board CAN-BUS and K-line capability and a 16 bit microcontroller with field upgradeable firmware.

It was designed by us and is built in house, it is not some other company’s hardware we resell as our own.


Also included are Maestro ecu editor software, and Eurodyne flash software for reading the ecu, flashing the ecu, datalogging and diagnostics.

The package includes unlimited no-charge access to the available base files for your vehicle. This will save huge amounts of time compared to starting from scratch,

in many cases base files for popular hardware can be loaded as-is with excellent results. All base files have been developed and tested by Eurodyne including testing on our in house Mustang chassis dyno.

The stage 1 and stage 2 files are the same files we sell through our dealer network with thousands of satisfied customers running the software worldwide.

Maestro ecu editor and Eurodyne flash are windows applications, so a laptop or PC running windows will be required.

The product is limited to one vehicle. It is possible to license additional vehicles to your powertap cable at extra cost.

Additional custom features available with Maestro include 2-step launch limiter and no-lift shift.

This product is non refundable once it has been used on a vehicle.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 5 cm



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